Terms and Conditions   1. These terms apply to all agreements between EOL and its models. 2. These terms are governed by US law. 3. EOL reserves the right to change these terms at any time without prior notice. 4. All Performer payments are calculated in US Dollars ($). However, when EOL makes the payment to your nominated bank account we will make this payment in your local currency. 5. Bank transfers will be made daily (Monday-Friday), unless unforeseen circumstances occur which prevent payments from being made. In the event of such circumstances, payments will be issued as soon as reasonably practicable. 6. A minimum payment threshold of $100 applies. 7. All models must be 18 years or older and must provide ID to support this. 8. Models are self-employed independent contractors. The company will not be responsible for taxes. At no point will the model become an employee. 9. Models must abide by all rules contained in this website, the performer handbook and provided by any broadcasting website. These rules may be subject to change. Breach of the rules may result in immediate termination of the model contract. 10. It is the model’s responsibility to ensure that all payment details are correct. 11. In the event that fraud is suspected, EOL reserves the right to hold payments and/or terminate the model’s account. 12. EOL accepts no responsibility for loss or damage, howsoever caused. 13. Models are entitled to set their own rates through their profiles. This rate includes website fees, advertising fees, network fees and agency fees. Model earnings will be in 25% of the amount billed to viewers unless otherwise advised. 14. By signing up to become a model, the model provides EOL with consent to use their personal information and digital content, in particular for account set up purposes. 15. By checking the box on the Become a Model form, the model confirms that he/she agrees to these terms and that he/she voluntarily enters into this agreement.